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Black Ops:  Initiate Independence!

Let’s be honest… you have been thinking about RIA for a while now. You are interested because you know it is a massive upgrade to your current situation. Independence provides ultimate business control, creating real business value, a better lifestyle, legacy planning, and monetization strategies. However, you may be struggling with finding the best options, confidence with negotiating items you don’t fully understand, finding companionship with a trusted ally to put the optimal roadmap together, or have a skilled team operating on your behalf as outsourced project managers throughout the operation.

Now you do.

At the end of 2020, Fusion launched a first-of-its-kind program, specifically for breakaway advisors: Fusion Black Ops.

Whether you seek expert negotiators in joining another firm or wish the hire the very best master architects and engineers of your NewCo RIA, the team at Fusion is your single source trusted resource for all aspects (budgets, capital, organizational structure, technology, compliance, custodian, broker-dealer, estate planning, investment access & research, marketing, cyber solutions) of the RIA marketplace. Confidentially. Quietly. Assuredly.

As the name implies, it is mission-critical for you to ‘go dark’ when planning change. However, it is just as crucial that you surround yourself with a special ops team that has helped hundreds of advisors before you successfully transition to independence.

We’ve built the industry’s biggest brands – now it is your turn to harness these skills for your benefit.

And if you find yourself curious about the independent landscape, we offer special confidential workshops to help you earn a master’s degree in all things RIA.

Black Ops. Don’t go it alone.


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Speak with our experts.

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